Governing Body of WWA

The governing body of WWA consists of an eleven member Board of Directors.  The board includes one representative from each region and six members at-large.  The Vice-Chairperson from the previous year assumes Chairperson role.  The Board of Directors elects the Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer from the eleven-member board at their fall meeting.  The four officers comprise the Executive Committe of the Board.

All board members assume office at the conclusion of the fall board meeting, and hold office through the fall board meeting of the following year.  Both past and new members of the board attend the fall board meeting. 

Terms of Office

Regional Representatives
Two-year term, to be elected by members of their respective region

    Northern, Western, & Southern Representatives are elected in even years.

    Northeastern and Southeastern Representatives are elected in odd years.

At-Large Representatives
Two-year term, to be elected from the full membership

    Three at-large members are elected each year


If you are interested in running for a position...

See the Forms page under Resources to find application forms

2017-2018 Officers
Angela Roltgen


Abbie Loos
Past Chair

Kara Kerrigan

Angie Wilks-Tate

Arianna Coleman


Regional Representatives

Angela Roltgen: Portage County

Jennifer Loging: La Crosse County

Arianna Coleman: Rock County

Courtney Jankowski: Sixteenth St. 

Kara Kerrigan: Fond du Lac County 

At-Large Representatives

Jennifer Miller: La Crosse County

Lynz Jordan: Wood County

Angie Wilks-Tate: MLK Heritage

Abbie Loos: La Crosse County

Becky Litwaitis: City of West Allis

Elizabeth Pohle: City of Milwaukee